Sea Freight Iraq

With our fleet of vehicles, all of which are in Euro 6 standards, environmentally friendly, with satellite-linked tracking systems and which can be tracked online 24 hours a day, our wide service network, our prestigious agencies around the world, our expert team that always prioritizes customer satisfaction, and our customer-oriented solutions, we provide speed and efficiency.

This is a perfect road transport service in terms of service quality.

We offer our international transportation services on land, by choosing the most suitable vehicles and technologies, taking into account the sectors in which our customers operate. We produce fast and tailor-made solutions for ever-changing creations, and we carry out transportation with our vehicles specially designed to carry hanging textile products, together with value-added services such as door-to-door labeling and alarm installation.

Our company, which aims to alleviate the burden of its customers, also provides quality control services with special equipment and experienced personnel, if requested.


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